A versatile film maker, director and writer. Wiek Lenssen is someone who knows how to change an idea into a creation. He always strives to allow his creations to live their own life.

Every project starts with an idea. The idea is the gleaming nucleus which potential possibilities sprout and crystallise when nurtured with proper care. This happens automatically when there is enough inspiration, love and motivation for the subject inside the creator’s soul. The idea becomes embodied into a new reality when it is executed in a caring way and receives a soul of its own.

In this presentation you will find a description of projects executed by Wiek Lenssen that have crystallized into film projects, photo exhibitions and books. Most projects appeal to a broad audience, stretching beyond the own national borders. Some have won awards.

Channels/distributors/  organisations that Wiek Lenssen has worked for:

La Cinquieme        La Cinquième, tv 5 France

logo_france4         tv 4 , France

    NRK Norway Logo               NRK-tv  Norway

      Bayerischer Rundfunk                 ARD-telepool/ Bayerischer Rundfunk , Germany

ERT greece tv               ERT Greek Radio Television

RFO                  RFO/ Dom TOM: tv for French overseas Territories

VPRO logo              VPRO tv Netherlands

NCRV logo                 NCRV tv Netherlands

SBS                 SBS 6 tv Netherlands

L1tv                 L1 TV   province Limburg, Netherlands



JURA Filmprodukties Amsterdam

Film CV Wandering Wolf

Netherlands cinema distribution for LAVA filmdistribution, Amsterdam


  National Media Fund The Netherlands

     Unesco            UNESCO

           Oxfam Netherlands and Oxfam Belgium

               Friends of the Earth NL- Milieudefensie


logo solidaridad                      Solidaridad


Survival International                           Survival International


Vastenaktie                     Cordaid Vastenaktie Nederland

NCDO                            NCDO

logo ww    National film academy Bollywood, India

Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden             Royal Ethnology Museum of Leiden


  Museum of the province of Limburg, Netherlands

petiet uitgeverij Petiet Publishers, Netherlands/ France


logo uitgeverij Aspekt                       Aspekt Publishers, Netherlands


CMO logo                  Centrum voor Mondiaal Onderwijs, Nijmegen


Kosel Verlag                          Kösel Verlag München, Germany

random house logo               Random House Publishing München, Germany

   arkana verlag                       Goldmann Arkana Publishing, München,


floriade 2012                          Floriade 2012 Venlo

Provincie Limburg                Provincie Limburg, arts and cultural fund

                    European Commission


   Ministery of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands


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