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A survey of 25 years of making films, writing books, composing exhibitions and other personal quests. This site brings the result of long-term projects into view. Through this site you can find your way to Wiek Lenssen’s films and it enables you  to order films and books . Almost the entire film archive  will be accessible online in time.

Wiek Lenssen: “You are wholeheartedly invited to take a closer look at my projects. Film projects that have enabled me to spent some time in other parts of the world. In New Guinea, Colombia, Guatemala, in a remote desert somewhere in Pakistan or high up in the Cordilleras Mountains of the Philippines. Projects that enabled me to see things from other, most often indigenous perspectives, to go through experiences that thaught me more than any other education I went through.  Projects that allowed me to meet colourful and brave characters who often face severe threats against their culture and their natural environment. Their perspectives I try to represent in my films. Not as a ‘fly on the wall’ (I don’t believe in that, to be honest)  but more like ‘a monkey on the shoulder’…”


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