A screenplay by Wiek Lenssen

… a story about finding a cure for cancer in the Arctic wilderness instead of in a hospital…

The Yuakai are an indigenous people of reindeer herders in a very remote area of ​​Siberia. They still live more or less like in the Ice Age. Although nuclear tests were regularly conducted by the Soviets in the past, no one got sick. Apparently the Yuakai have a certain kind of immunity to cancer.

Arnout, a Dutch young man (21) is given a fatal diagnosis: he has only one year to live. Instead of chemo and radiation, he travels to Siberia to look for the Yuakai. He hopes to discover their secret. But the shaman of the tribe does not like this at all….

120 p. English.  An adaptation of the novel ‘Padjelanta’ by Anton Quintana.


In June 2020 ‘THE HERD’ was selected for the quarterfinals of the CineStory Screenplay Contest,  one of USA’s top ten festivals for screenwriters.–

In July 2020 Wiek Lenssen was invited for the SCREENWRITING RETREAT in IDYLLWILD, CALIFORNIA, a yearly retreat for 30 selected screenwriters for networking with studio representatives (i.e. Disney, Mar Vista entertainment) , screenwriting managers  (i.e.Marc Manus, David Baird), renowned writers/ directors (i.e. Mark Fergus IRON MAN, CHILDREN OF MEN , Bruce McKenna, BAND OF BROTHERS, THE PACIFIC)

In July 2020 THE HERD was selected for the quarter finals of  FINISH LINE,  in top ten  USA based  screenplay contest



All rights reserved.

Swolgen, The Netherlands 2020



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