How to order The Year Zero english

DVD The Year Zero  kaft (1 van 1)   How to order European countries and countries outside Europe

European Countries:

Transfer € 28,50 (mail expenses included) to bank account number:


IBAN nr  Iban: NL 37 TRIO 0379679779

t.n.v. Wiek Lenssen Filmprod.


Place: Horst a/d Maas

(Adress Bank De Reehorst, Hoofdstraat 10, 3972 LA Driebergen-Rijsenburg)


If there is still enough space available, you can also write your emailadress or phone number. Note: It is advisable, though not obligatory, to send a seperate email with your full adress information to, but in any case always write it on your remittance too.

*Please state on your remittance that all bank transfer costs will not be shared, but will be payed by you, the client.

 For countries outside Europe: 

Follow the same directions as above, only change the amount into € 30,75

This is due to higher mail expenses.

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