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A survey of 20 years of making documentary films, writing books, composing exhibitions and other personal quests. This site brings the result of long-term projects into view. Through this site you can find your way to Wiek Lenssen’s films on the Vimeochannel and enables you  to order films and books . Almost the entire film archive  is accessible online.

Wiek Lenssen: “You are wholeheartedly invited to take a closer look at my projects: documentary works that enabled me to live for a while in other parts of the world, deep in the jungles of New Guinea, Colombia, Guatemala, in remote deserts of Pakistan or high in the Cordilleras Mountains in the Philippines. Get to know indigenous tribes and some of their colourful representatives, who struggle for the survival of their most threatened culture and still natural way of life. People with whom I spent some time with, to try and walk in their shoes, follow their lifepaths, see how the other half lives. Together with me you will hopefully discover that our reality is a diamond with all kinds of facets. Together we make this planet colourful and different, but we all share the same basic needs: wether you are a Papuan, Igorot, Maya, Guarani, or a Dutchman…


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