A feature film screenplay by Wiek Lenssen

Welcome to our Pitch deck!  The Artifical Intelligence Design company Lucid Pictures  helped us create this amazing moodboard.  Act 1 of the script is displayed in  beautiful images.  Travel to a remote, mysterious and hidden part of Siberia after reading the story’s logline, pitch and synopsis at the opening pages. (desktop/ laptop only)

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A young petroleum geologist goes to Siberia to scatter family ashes and while attracted to a  nomadic tribe of reindeer herders and its promise of a cure for cancer, triggers the wrath of an old Shaman who is determined to get rid of him, seeing a threat to the tribe’s way of life.



In my feature screenplay ‘The Herd’ a young petroleum geologist named Arnout expects to die of melanoma, which has decimated his family. He travels to a remote part of Siberia and discovers two things: the amazing fact that these tribes of reindeer herders living in the polar circle remain cancer-free despite Soviet nuclear tests. And under the tundra are giant tar sands.

He decides to stay and learn from the herders and explore a highly pristine but restricted area called Padjelanta. But outsiders are not welcome. The tribe’s drunken Shaman starts using all kind of dangerous tricks to chase the intruder away, wanting to protect the land from oil extraction.

Arnout will have to survive the harsh climate and wilderness, ill treatment by the corrupt Russians who want to exploit his geological knowledge, as well as constant testing by the Shaman if he wants to to learn what makes the tribe immune to a disease that he fears will take his life.

THE HERD is an adventure drama feature screenplay written by Wiek Lenssen.

It has the touch and tone of films like: Dances With Wolves, Into the Wild, The Revenant.

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Accolades –  so far  ‘THE HERD’ was placed in five quarter finals of script competitions in America’s top ten of the most prestiguous  festivals!

THE HERD has entered the TOP 20 of  Coverfly’s RED LIST : # 19 of the Adventure Feature Screenplays 2021 in the USA

The script’s accomplishments so far:


  *** THE HERD was officially selected for one of USA’s most coveted and prestiguous screenplay writing workshops:  the 2020 CINESTORY RETREAT in Idyllwild, California.  A wonderful week with thirty finalists, intensive workshops and mentors, leading representatives of the American film industry. ***

 *** THE  HERD also made it to the quarter finals of the 2020 FINISH LINE screenplay contest  ***


  *** THE HERD was again officially selected as quarter finalist in 2021 at the CINESTORY FEATURE SCREENPLAY CONTEST.***

 *** It  landed in the quarter finals of the 2021 PAGE INTERNATIONAL screenplay competition (total entries 9.500)  ***

 *** Lauded as SECOND ROUNDER of the AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2021  (total entries 14.500)  ***


 *** quarter finalist of the 2021 SCREENCRAFT feature screenplay comeptition  *** [/

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