Bouwen aan het Paradijs


Docu-series from mid-January 2021 to be shown weekly at omroep MAX on the Dutch national public channel NPO2.

A documentary series about people in northern Limburg who want to live completely sustainable and self-sufficient from one hectare of land, in terms of living, water, food and energy.


            PARADISE UNDER CONSTRUCTION                                 

Omroep MAX broadcast the series weekly on NPO2 in 2021 , Thursdays from 6:20 p.m. to 6:50 p.m., from Jan. 14 to mid-February.

For four years, Wiek Lenssen followed the ups and downs of a group of idealists who want to realize their dream by creating food forests on the estates of Stichting Phien in northern Limburg, building ecological cottages and devising all kinds of clever solutions to make the footprint on our planet no larger than the hectare on which one lives.’

Episode 1 of Paradise Under Construction

The times seem more than ripe for initiatives like that of the Phien Foundation, yet this dream is not one that can be realised quickly and without difficulty. The experiment is by no means being received with jubilation by both the immediate neighbourhood and the levels of government involved.

In six episodes, ‘Paradise Under Construction’; shows the ups and downs of the relentless struggle of Peter and his daughter Imke Slijpen and a motley collection of ‘ecolonists’ who build the estate with them. A battle with the elements, when one suddenly has to abandon existing pathways and find solutions against the extremes of nature. And a struggle against incomprehension and the slowness with which official mills turn in the Limburgian countryside. Because that countryside is (still) very much geared to the dominant, handed-down norm: that of large-scale, intensive agriculture.

Current issues surrounding nitrogen and CO2 emissions are an important motivation for the participants. After all, these issues indicate that the current form of agriculture in the Netherlands is now at a dead end.

This justifies the question of whether ideals like those of the Phien Foundation can provide a responsive alternative for our countryside?

The series previously aired on L1 TV.

Omroep MAX; NPO 2 , six episodes, weekly from 6:20- 6:50 p.m.

Episode 1; do; Jan 14/ afl 2; do Jan 21/ afl 3 Thursday Jan 28/ afl 4; do Feb 4, afl 5 do Feb 18, afl 6 do Feb 25

JAN/FEB 2021