A literary thriller about the gold of the Dutch royal family.

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A literary thriler by Wiek Lenssen

This book is only available in the Dutch language.

The son of a Dutch gold mining magnate is kidnapped by the guerrilla in the Philippines. Documentary filmmaker Adam van Wijck manages to make contact with the kidnappers. As a battle ignites between the army and the natives over the gold in the mountains, Adam becomes increasingly caught between the interests of the local tribe, the guerrilla movement, and the father of the kidnapped boy. Once in the guerrilla camp, the prisoner’s story leads back to his childhood in our last colony in the East: Dutch New Guinea. For Adam, a morbid plot unfolds about the secret meddling of Dutch financiers and our royal family in the world’s greatest gold discovery: the Grasberg. A mountain of gold that lay waiting to be dug up for decades after its discovery, deep in the jungles of New Guinea. The story sheds light on unexplained events during the New Guinea Crisis, the dramatic 1965 massacre in Indonesia and current mining in Southeast Asia.

Uitgever: Aspekt BV, Uitgeverij

ISBN/EAN 9789461531483

Prijs`: € 19,95

Verschenen in: 2012

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