The Mayan Prophecies

De Mayaprofetieen kaft (1 van 1)

If your life is a journey on an unknown river, then perhaps you can’t see your destination yourself, but the river knows, the river knows where it’s flowing. Because from the beginning it is bound with the sea…

For the Mayas, having a successful life means that you have succeeded in following your own path according to the portents of the day on which you were born. The greater the number of successful lives, the greater the balance in the cosmos. Mayan priests are ‘those who count the days and are familiar with the movements of time.’ That is how they are named and that’s why Mayan priests try to help people to find their way. Sometimes, you only find the path after many years, if you unexpectedly fall sick and ask yourself what’s happening. Then you go to the Mayan priest and together you look at the day of your birth.

These are the first lines of “The Mayan Prophecies” a real life account written by Dutch film maker Wiek Lenssen. His story takes us to Colombia, where, deep in the Amazon, a gathering of over 400 medicine (wo)men and Indian elders from tribes across the American continent is taking place. Wiek Lenssen is entrusted with the messages of these people, bringing them to the outside world. Messages about upcoming natural disasters, culminating in a probable polar shift in 2012. But also the predictions talk about a worldwide ‘awakening’, as a first step towards a harmonious global community. Wiek Lenssen decides to concentrate his film project on the millennia-old mysterious calendar of the Mayans of Guatemala. A calendar that transports these messages out of a mystical past into the present.


This film was released under the name The Year Zero in the Dutch cinema’s, where it appealed to a large audience. A feature length documentary about the Native American vision on our immediate future…

In his book, Wiek Lenssen describes the bizarre events that coincided with the making of this film, from the beginning right until the end, and how these experiences left their indelible mark on his own personal development…

Written by: Wiek Lenssen

Available in the Dutch and German language

384 pp*euro 19,75

 first print: 2003 / 4th  print: 2004



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