De Maya-profetieën

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De Mayaprofetieen kaft (1 van 1)          (Lees hier het eerste hoofdstuk van mijn roman ‘De Maya-Profetieën’ )       feuilleton     

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This book is only available in the Dutch language.

Colombia, 1997, somewhere deep in the Amazon. At a gathering of more than 400 medicine men, medicine women and tribal elders from native american tribes throughout the Americas, filmmaker Wiek Lenssen is given the “assignment” to make the messages of the gathered tribes known to the outside world. Messages about imminent global natural disasters until the year 2012, but also about a global awakening as the prelude to a harmonious world community. He decides that his film will mainly be about the thousands of years old mysterious calendar of the Mayan Indians of Guatemala, a calendar that carries these messages from a mystical past.

This film was first released under the name The Year Zero in 2001; a feature-length documentary cinema film about the Native American vision on our very near future.

‘THE MAYA PROPHECIES ‘ is an intriguing, true story that reads like a spiritual thriller. Wiek Lenssen describes the bizar “accidental” events, which invariably accompanied the making of this film, and how these experiences left a deep imprint on his own personal development.

The story behind the film “The Year Zero”

Published in 2003, 4th edition

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